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Vacuum More Efficiently And Have Some Fun Too

If you are like most people, you would almost rather pull all of your hair out strand by strand than take on the daunting task of doing housework. One of the most necessary chores to be done around the house, but is probably the most hated, is vacuuming. There are some solutions to many of the issues that plaque the frustrated vacuum cleaner user, and if you happen to be at your wits end with the whole vacuuming thing around your house, these Tips and tricks for vacuuming will not only teach you to vacuum more efficiently, but how to have a little fun in the process.


How to vacuum more efficiently?

Change Just Might Be a Good Thing

You may have had your vacuum for a number of years, and it might even do a fairly decent job of keeping your carpets clean, but if you are using one of those canister vacuums, or one that is so heavy that it makes your arm sore just at the thought of having to pull it out, you just might want to consider purchasing a vacuum cleaner that can be used as a back pack, or a stick vacuum that can be configured a number of ways to vacuum your furniture and stairs as well as your floors.

Complicated maneuvering, and an inability to effectively reach the areas that need to be vacuumed with ease like stairs for instance, are two of the things that make vacuuming one of the most hated of all of the household chores, and switching to a lighter vacuum or one that is easier to handle would remedy these problems.

Do it Often

If you are one of those folks that waits until well, the next of never to pull out your vacuum, you probably need to change your ways. For one thing, just like everything else in your home, your carpet is an investment, and the regular upkeep of your carpeting, and yes that does mean vacuuming at least twice a week in high traffic areas, is a way to protect your investment. If you have pets, you probably need to give your carpet a good once over two to three times a week.

Shake Your Groove Thing

There is no greater motivator on earth than some good old fashion toe tapping music. The next time you vacuum, pull out your favorite CD, and crank up the music. Not only will you get your floors vacuumed, but you will burn off some calories, and release some endorphins too.

One of the best Tips and tricks for vacuuming, is to remember that you don’t have to hit every spot in the room. Concentrate on the areas that see the highest traffic, and any of the other nooks and corners that you miss, you can get on your next go round. Also remember to pick up coins, paper clips, and other debris when you see it, that way when you are ready to vacuum, it will require a little less effort on your part.

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