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Metro Datavac Pro MDV-2BA

Looking for a mobile handheld electronics vacuum? Well, look no further. This portable vacuum is great for cleaning stairs, upholstery, car interiors and of course electronics! Its black tube like design is very versatile and its attachments are perfect for those quick, detailed jobs. The suction power of this vacuum is great. It boasts a strong 1.7 electric horsepower motor. This vacuum is all about detail with its wide range of cleaning attachments. This vacuum keeps your investments clean and safe. Nasty printer toner power gets sucked up without issue. This unit is small and easy to store, making it one of those secret weapons hiding in your closet. While testing the Datavac I would have to say that I was overly impressed with many of its major components. Below I will go over a few features as well as a final verdict.

Benefits of the Metro Datavac Pro


  • Lightweight Compared to Competitors
  • Excellent Value
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful
  • Great for Storage or Transport
  • Unique Design
  • Key Features of the Pro MDV-2BA
  • This unit comes with 7+ attachments. They include a 3 foot hose, micro crevice and dusting brush, two extension wands, shoulder strap and a few other small micro head attachments.
  • Works very well on electronics.
  • Innovative design and features.
  • Weighing in 12 pounds it’s pretty light.
  • It has a 1.7 hp motor. And 2 speeds.
  • As for filtration this unit uses a toner filter bag as well as a cloth bag.
  • Final Verdict for the Metro Datavac


This vacuum is excellent for cleaning electronics such as printers, phones, desktop and laptop computers. Other vacuums cannot offer you this capability. It also has the equipment to clean servers and wireless hubs. Not only does it clean electronics, but it also cleans vehicles and other household items with ease. This product is awesome for interior upholstery as well as small crevices and hard to reach places. With the Metro Datavac Pro you can use the blower feature of the unit to perform other desired tasks. It is as easy as detaching the hose from one side of the vacuum to the other side. Like I said before, this unit is very light and small, making it easy to move around. One downfall of these tube style vacuums is that once you put them down on the floor they have a tendency to roll around depending on the terrain. But it was not really a major concern when we tested it out. With very little downfall, this vacuum performs exceptionally well and is in high consumer demand. If you are looking for a strong, reliable vacuum this is the one. The machine and attachments work great! This comes as a highly recommended machine


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