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Consumer appliances that sell themselves: Panasonic vacuum cleaners

Panasonic at least a couple of times during his/her life? This is the best example of a brand that actually sells itself, without need of making the company known. Panasonic appliances and consumer electronics are among the most popular models in the world today. It all started in 1955, when the brand was used in connection with audio speakers. Nowadays Panasonic produces numerous consumer electronics, including vacuum cleaners.


Three types of Panasonic vacuum cleaner models are currently available: Panasonic upright vacuum cleaners, Panasonic canister vacuum cleaners and the highly popular Panasonic Platinum Line vacuum cleaners. Let us now analyze some of the best models from each category.

If you like upright vacuum cleaners then the MC-V7720 is probably great for you. It is a bagless vacuum cleaner and features a special 3-Way cleaning system and Power-On-Demand capability. This actually means that the MC-V7720 Panasonic upright vacuum cleaner will adjust its suction power based on how much dirt it finds. You will be able to hear the motor ramp up or down according to the situation. The main advantages you will gain from the system are energy conservation and faster cleaning. This model basically adapts to how much it needs to work.


One impressive Panasonic canister vacuum cleaner has to be the MC-V964. Many features can be mentioned when talking about it. First of all we can find a “Positive Drive Brush System”, which lets you know how clean the floor is at any moment. You will thus be able to finish cleaning quicker just because you know when the vacuumed surface is clean. The MC-V964 also features a triple micron filtering system that traps dust particles and helps keep the air inside the room clean at all times while vacuuming. If you want to find the reliable Panasonic canister vacuum reviews on the market, the Best Vacuum World site is the best place to look for.

The most powerful and technologically advanced models manufactured by the company are the Panasonic Performance Plus Platinum vacuum cleaners. Out of these, the best one (but also the most expensive standing at $600) is the MC-V9658. This model is complete. It features the above mentioned Positive Drive Brush System, a special HEPA filtration system, a 360-degree swivel hose system, overload protector, full bag indicator, height adjustment in 4 positions and much more.

Panasonic has always been in the centre of attention. They combined advertising with quality products and seriousness and aimed at delivering quality. As time passed their models became better and better but the price also rose. Basically, the only real reason why somebody would not purchase a Panasonic vacuum cleaner can be found in the costs. The leading product, MC-V9658 stands in at $600 as mentioned and one of the cheapest is the MC-V5485 , at $120. A positive can be found in the fact that any investment in a Panasonic vacuum cleaner is a good one. Customers are always satisfied and the vacuum cleaners are incredible.

As with any purchase do not always buy what you first see! The problem with a self-selling brand like Panasonic is that many people just buy what they first see or the best offer they can find (we refer to a special sale or discount offer). Sometimes this approach is good but in this case it is not. A little bit of research should always be conducted! Buying a Panasonic vacuum cleaner is not a breeze. You need to analyze all the features, see what you need, compare the two, add in how much you can afford to spend and after that compare all these factors. You will immediately find out if you should purchase or not!

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